Login page not responsive

Hi, you need to set up the proper column split for those elements, look in Journal > Skins > Edit > Account > Login Page and indicate how many columns should there be displayed.

As you can see we display 2 columns in the default state (all screen widths), but add a breakpoint rule (green plus button on the right side of the option) where we indicate a different screen width at which to change the option value. In this case, we change the columns to 1 per row (stacked on top of each other) only at or below that resolution (980 in this case) but you can indicate whatever screen width you want and when the window is at or below that width the different option state will change.

This concept applies to any CSS based option (pretty much all of them) where you can define different option states for different screen widths. For example, you can have a larger font size that you like on desktop but want to make it smaller on phones...so you add a breakpoint rule for that particular option, indicate your desired screen width, and apply a different font size which will only kick in when the screen reaches that breakpoint width. 

Learn more about breakpoint rules here: https://docs.journal-theme.com/docs/variables/breakpoints/