Items per Row

The Items per Row option is found in any grid-based module (modules that can have multiple items in it, like Blocks, Banners, Products, etc.).

In this option, you'll be able to indicate how many items to display per row at any resolution, just add breakpoint rules and apply desired items per row. For each rule, there is also a spacing option so apply a spacing between the products as well. This spacing is a variable defined in Journal > Variables > Spacing, but you can also type a custom value in each field and click enter.


Products per row for the global product listing on category pages are set in Journal > Skins > Edit > Product Listing > Products per Row.

See our docs on Items per Row for more info:

Note that the Items per Row can also be set as a variable in Journal > Variables > Items per Row. This can be invaluable when using the same items per row in multiple places. As with any variables, using them in multiple places you can then just edit the variable and will update everywhere at once (as opposed to manually inputting values in each option and having to go through each one to update).