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Different number of products per row on different pages

If you see different products per row on different listing pages look in the different sections within your Products per row option from  Journal > Skins > Edit > Product Listing > Products per Row.

The "Catalog" layout (All products page) behaves differently because the layout may be different in terms of side columns.

If, for example, on the category layout you have a side column enabled the relevant items per row would be under the "One Column" section within the Items per Row option (since the side column with Filter, etc. may be enabled on that layout).

If the side column is not used on a layout, the relevant items per row would be in the "No Columns" section.

We wanted to offer different options for pages with one or two or no columns enabled, as the columns may each occupy the space of one item per row.

Learn more about items per row in our documentation: