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Custom Layouts

Custom Layouts can help you manage page content individually. They can be used on the following pages:

  • Opencart Information
  • Opencart Products
  • Opencart Categories
  • Journal Blog Posts
  • Journal Blog Categories

Note: Opencart Manufacturer pages is missing this feature, but it can be enabled with third party extensions, check Opencart market or Opencart forums for such extension.

For example, to use a custom layout for an information page, follow these steps:

1. Go to System > Design > Layouts and click Insert. Give the layout a name (your information page name for example) and click Save

2. Go to Catalog > Information > Your Information Page > Edit

3. Access the Design tab and select from Layout Override your new layout created at step 1 (you should see it on that list)

4. You can now place modules on that Layout and modules will appear on that page only. For Journal 3, you can place modules on that layout from Journal > Layout > Your Layout created at step 1

Note: The same thing can be done for all the pages mentioned at the beginning of this article. At step 2, access the corresponding page to apply the layout override (Catalog > Products/Categories > Your Products/Categories  Page > Edit).