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Stip HTML text formatting

You may add pre-formatted text to your description editors (in a Product description for example) and this comes with added code inline on all the elements.

This may happen if you copied the text from a different editor or program that sent all the styling of the text in the form of inline CSS code.

This inline code overrides our theme code so you need to remove it. The easiest way to remove pre-formatted styles from text is to run it through a simple editor first, like Notepad. You just copy-paste the entire text through Notepad, or you can simply paste everything in the browser bar URL, basically, you just need it as plain text.

Then copy it again and paste it back into the description field as plain text. It can be styled directly in the description editor with basic formatting like specific headings, bold font, etc. but can also be more comprehensively styled from our Typography style in Journal > Styles > Typography > [Active Style] > ...