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Info Blocks at the product page

Any module can be added inside the product page details area in various positions via the advanced extra modules builder in Journal > Product Extras > Extra Modules. See

For the Info Blocks with icons and text:

1. Create one or more Info Blocks modules in Journal > Modules > Info Blocks. You add an item with an icon and text and then apply a style in the Info Block Style option in the General tab of the module.

You can use and edit an existing style or create your custom desired style in Journal > Styles > Info Block where you can adjust text and icon options, among others. If you create a custom style you then go back to your module in Journal > Modules > Info Blocks > Your module and apply the style.

2. Now that you have the module created you add it to the product page via Journal > Product Extras > Extra Modules. Again, create a module, chose the position (Details Top in this case), and finally add the Info Block in the page builder. You add a row, then a column, and then choose the Info Block module you created in step 1.

You can also add custom modules at the product page via the layout builder in Journal > Layouts > Home...