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Icons not showing or Add to Cart button not working

If icons are not showing or Add to Cart button shows an "undefined" error, then the issue is most likely happening because you access your store from another URL than the one used when Opencart was installed.

Example: is different than, or

In this case, it is recommended to decide first which is the store URL you want to use, in general, is preferred and then setup a server redirect for all other three possibilities mentioned above to the store URL.

Example:, and should all redirect to

This is not something related to Journal, the same issue will happen when using Opencart default theme, so if you have such issue, make sure everything works fine when using the default Opencart theme first.

Also check general troubleshooting guide.

Useful resources:

Note: Server configurations like server redirects or similar are not covered by our support, please consult with your hosting provider for more information regarding such issues.