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Performance / Page Speed Score

Journal comes with a lot of optimisation tools in order to increase your store performance. Here are some steps to check and follow in order to improve your store performance:

  • Use PHP 7.x (7.3 recommended) with opcache extension
  • Add missing database indexes from Journal > System > Settings > Performance > Database
  • Enable minifiers from Journal > System > Settings > Performance > Minifiers (best overall settings there is CSS/JS minifiers on and JS Defer on, but this may not work in all situations, depending on what other extensions you have installed on your store). HTML minifier and other options may not be needed, enabling them will not improve performance that much
  • Enable image lazy load from Journal > System > Settings > Performance > Images as well as image compression (webp compression is strongly recommended), but webp compression may require additional server configuration like PHP GD with webp support or by installing cwebp tool
  • Enable webserver gzip compression for html/css/js file types
  • Enable static assets far future expire headers

All of the above are server related, consult with your hosting provider regarding how to enable and configure them on your server.

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